Migrant Domestic WorkerS


You can explore the situation of migrant domestic workers either by country or via the international and regional Legal Frameworks page. The Interviews page will direct you to a list of original interviews conducted by MDWinfo with different actors in the field of migrant domestic workers. You can learn more about who we are and what we do at About MDWinfo.

Understand the legal frameworks that affect multiple countries globally and regionally

Find out more about the reality of migrant domestic workers in different contexts through the perspectives of various actors involved via the original interviews conducted by MDWinfo.

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MDWinfo is a project created by 5 students of the Graduate Institute of Geneva, aiming at compiling data on migrant domestic work across different countries, making this information easily accessible to researchers, scholars, the international community, and migrant domestic workers. This website is currently a work in progress, which is why only a limited number of country profiles are currently available. You can read more about our team and our project here.