About MDWinfo



The aim of this website is to gather all relevant information on migrant domestic workers' situation per country, in order to improve their access to information, as well as for researchers and stakeholders interested in this topic. We believe that this can be useful in spreading awareness about the conditions of migrant domestic workers among the international community, for scholars and researchers to have easy access to comprehensive information and sources within one platform, and for potential migrant domestic workers to be able to assess the conditions and protections that they may have in their country of destination, hopefully facilitating their ability to make an informed decision prior to migrating.

So far, the focus has been put on those countries that have the most significant population of migrant domestic workers in their region, either in total or in relative terms as compared to their national populations or the composition of their domestic sector. Our goal for this project is that it remains active, and that information on all countries can eventually be gathered and compiled here.


This project is part of the course "Extraction, Poverty and Inequality" at the Graduate Institute of Geneva. We are 5 first-year students of the Interdisciplinary Master in Development Studies:


This project is focused on Migrant Domestic Workers, which we understand to be (primarily female) international migrants that move to a different country to work in the domestic labor sector. We borrow the ILO's definition of domestic labor as work performed in or for a household or households. A ‘domestic worker’ thus means any person engaged in domestic work within an employment relationship (ILO, p. 4).