North America


North America hosts 24.7% of the total number of migrant workers worldwide. Among them, the ones who end up working in the domestic care sector are 0.3% in case of males and 3.3% in case of females of all migrant workers.1

Among all domestic care workers, migrants account for the vast majority: 70.8%.2

However, the domestic work share of total employment is relatively low, as it constitutes only 0.5% of the total workforce.3

What partly explains the small dimension of the domestic care sector in the area is the relatively high cost of hiring domestic workers as well as the availability of public care services. On the other hand, in the last three decades, the growing number of local women accessing the labor market, the decrease in public welfare spending, and the demographic and social changes, contributed to the insertion of migrant workers (mostly women) into a sector that is becoming less attractive for locals.4

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